HeSaLight is a multinational LED development and manufacturing company that is dedicated to creating highly efficient LED technology solutions that resolves the need for better and more environmentally friendly LED lighting.

SPARK-EX Spark Detection


Auralight provides lighting that is smart, sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. Our sustainable solutions enable professional customers to reduce cost, energy consumption, and environmental impact. With a lifetime that is up to four times longer than a standard products on the market, you can reduce your maintenance costs by up to 75%.

SPARK-EX Spark Detection


Firexpress is a “first strike fire fighting concept” designed to give an immediate first strike capability on a wide ranges of types of fires from deep-seated class A fires to difficult class B fire even in polar solventfuels and class E fires in electrical installations. Firexpress has a wide range of products that will satisfy any need for fire fighting from regular fire engines to mobile while others will be able to navigate any terrain or urban environment.

SPARK-EX Spark Detection


EMC offers ranges of protetive suits, protective bags, polyester fibre spun with a thin copper thread. EMC textiles offer out standing screnning, first- class textile characteristics, long life, flexible concept according to customer requirements, easy to work and shape.

SPARK-EX Spark Detection


Spark-ex can be installed as an option to prevent explosion in filter systems. It is easy to install on new or existing systems. It automatically detects sparks and sprays water directly to ensure no spark can come into the filter where there is the highest explosion hazard.

CFLUGGER Decorative Paints


FLUGGER was founded 1890 and is today one of the world's oldest and most successful retail franchises within the home improvement and decoration business with the mission to be the leading international supplier of decorative coatings and surface treatment products( are exclusive importers of FLUGGER products for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

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