GateToAsia is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and in Hong Kong. Our activities cover Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

We are a Danish managed company. Most of the staff members are Vietnamese with a high level of qualifications. Combined we are fluent in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and Danish. The educational background of the staff includes engineering, quality control and marketing.

Our investment services are focused on the Impact Investing, particularly the Clean Development sector. We have a long and broad experience in evaluating investment opportunities in Vietnam for foreign investors. For project owners we offer to evaluate business plans and investment memorandums and to source capital.

Our consulting services are aimed at the Vietnamese industrial and service sectors. We have an extensive range of Management Consulting services either provided by ourselves or by our partners. We can also offer consulting on Corporate Social Responsibility issues to a broad range of industries. Our FSC are mainly aimed at the wood-working industry.

For our export business we have a large network of suppliers whom we work closely with. Many of the suppliers are also customers for our imported industrial products. We are deeply committed to creating true Win-Win strategies and having customers and suppliers set up long lasting relationships. This is in our opinion the key to true value creation.

If you have needs that are not described in these pages, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we can not offer you an appropriate service we can surely recommend someone who can offer those services.